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How To Recharge Your Social Battery

Updated: Mar 16

You’re mingling with a group of people, having fun, and having new conversations with new friends. Your attention is fixated on the conversations and the people around you. But, slowly your concentration starts to fade away. You may lose interest in the conversation and start to feel worn out. Some of you may fully relate to this scenario while others may only relate to it on some level. However you may experience this, social exhaustion is common, especially after high periods of social interactions. Sometimes we all need a break to recharge our social batteries in order to be ourselves to the world again.

For those of you who may not know, the term ‘social battery’ refers to a person’s energy to interact with others1. It’s fully charged at the start of your day, however, as you interact with friends, colleagues, family, and strangers, it slowly starts to lose its power. You may start to feel your charge decreasing when in crowds, when being the centre of attention, or even when in new social environments1. Your attention begins to decrease and you start to crave some alone time. However, as author Ozzie Nunez said, “This need for periodic isolation is not a flaw of ours, but a strength”2. This one-on-one time with yourself allows you to stay grounded while navigating through this chaotic world2.

It’s also commonly misunderstood that only introverts experience social exhaustion; however, you don’t have to be an introvert to feel socially drained. Even some extroverts may find themselves worn out after a long day of social interactions. The bottom line is that everyone experiences social exhaustion in their own ways. Some may encounter this feeling more frequently than others, and some more easily than others. But it’s important to remember that whenever you do feel this way, it’s perfectly okay to take a step back and breathe.

So now that we’ve established how your social battery could be drained, how can you recharge it?

How to recharge your social battery?

  1. Take a breather- Try stepping away from your social setting and use breathing techniques to relax your mind and body. Taking a few minutes to breathe not only helps you to regain focus, but also helps you to regroup and stay grounded with your thoughts and emotions. Remember, don’t wait until your battery has run out to take a breather. Step away before this happens to ensure you don’t completely lose interest or focus on the conversations or people around you2.

  2. Do what makes you happy- Do any activity that you normally love doing in your alone time like reading, painting, singing, exercising, or simply, watching T.V. This will help you to regain your balance and inner peace. Doing any solitary activity that brings you genuine happiness can be very therapeutic as you don’t have to worry about what to say, what others think, and how to act. Take as much time as you need doing these solitary activities as everyone recharges their social battery at different speeds2.

  3. Take a break from technology- Try staying off your phone or other electronic devices for a couple of hours to regroup your thoughts without any external influences or pressures. Also, try putting your devices on silent as receiving notifications during this time may induce some feelings of anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out), which can drain your social battery even further. Taking some time to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions will help you to regain your social energy3.

Remember, recharging your social battery is an art. It takes time, practice, and effort to master it. Don’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself, it is well-deserved and allows you to reconnect with your inner self without any influence. Taking some time to recharge your social battery will help you to return to the world fully energized and feeling like yourself again.

Written by: Sapna Singh

Year III, Honors Life Sciences

McMaster University






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